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Czech Holidays 2019

Czech Holidays 2019

starting from 9000 EGP

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The weather in the Czech Republic is similar to most of Europe's continental regions. Summer is usually hot and winter is cold.

The best time to go can depend on the place you are visiting in the country. Prague is a destination for a year-round holiday, as in the Spa Triangle in West Bohemia, while you may want to stick to the warm summer months if you plan to explore the countryside of eastern Bohemia or Moravia.

In the autumn, dense forests in Bohemia turn from deep green to fiery red and gold, while the weather is fine in October. Late spring is another good time to visit the country where the weather is generally nice and mostly predictable.


Time difference: GMT +2 hours

Capital: Prague

Currency: The official currency of the Czech Republic is the Czech crown (koruna) 

The approximate value of 100 CZK is 4 Euro(€)

Flying time to Prague: Approximately 5 hour, There is no direct flight from Cairo airport to Prague, so it depend on Airline and transit stops .

Language: Czech is the  official language of the Czech Republic, English widely spoken

Population: 10.5 Millions

Czech Republic is one of Schengen countries.

Visa Requirements:

  • Original valid passport and old passport if available.

  • Two recent photos white background size 4 X6

  • Original stamped English HR letter (mentioning your salary, position and hiring dates).

  • Original bank statement printout of the past 6 months in English 

  • Visa ​is obtained in approximately 10 working days from application date.

  • Visa Cost 2300 EGP per person

The Czech Republic is  a wonderful blend of fully preserved medieval cities and modern artistic culture.

Prague's capital is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is still particularly known to tourists, perhaps because of its attractive architecture and many cultural attractions.

The medieval city of Prague is one of the most popular attractions in Europe. With Charles Bridge dating back to the 14th century, an astronomical clock that still works and which was built in 1410 and Prague Castle on a hilltop throughout the city, Prague feels as if it has not been affected for centuries

Do not miss the opportunity to visit the rest of the country, where there are ancient luxury spa towns, picturesque castles, pine forests and underground caves. Czech Republic is an art day, history and hearty foods - give up your vowels and get into.

It's not just about sights, sounds and magnificence - it's about people as well. Talk in a bar and you'll find someone smart, attractive and friendly at the other end.


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Top Popular destinations in CZECH

Paris & Venice


Most holidays to the Czech Republic start with the capital Prague, Featuring stunning architectural examples such as the Charles Bridge and the Prague Astronomical Clock. The castle complex is the largest in Europe. The Prague holidays offer a rich cultural history - with a striking blend of Baroque, Gothic and Renaissance architecture - but there is also a fast-growing food scene, a hand-held beer at every crossroads, and classical music flooding the city.

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